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Meet Our Faculty

At CWC, teaching isn't just a job - it's a passion. Our faculty members are dedicated teachers whose top priority is helping you reach your goals. 

Adjunct Faculty Support

Agriculture & Equine

Jennifer Cole

Assistant Professor of Equine Studies

Jennifer Cole is passionate about horses and bring her passion to the classroom.

Drew Schrock

Instructor of Farrier Science

Drew Schrock is the rodeo coach at CWC but also brings knowledge of farrier science to students.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Brittany Yeates

Assistant Professor of Business

Working with students gives Brittany the opportunity to invest in them the way they invest in CWC.

Tammy Forbis

Instructor of Business

Kyle Trumble


Sandy Hessler

Instructor of the Start-Up Intensive

Sandy combines over 30 years of business experience and leadership from esteemed organizations including IBM, Proctor and Gamble, and Harvard University with a lifetime pursuit of understanding human potential. Currently, she teaches the Start-Up Intensive in Jackson.

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Wayne Montgomery

Professor of Human Services

Wayne has been at CWC for 11 years and shares his real world experiences as a mental health counselor in his human services courses.

Todd Guenther

Professor of Anthropology and History

Todd is passionate about anthropology and getting his students the field experience needed for the next level.

Joseph Fountain

Instructor of Psychology

Joesph Fountain brings a wealth of knowledge to his classes.

Kathleen Tilton

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Jim Thurman

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Jim Thurman has worked for CWC for more than ten years and has worked throughout the world.

Dr. Tarissa Spoonhunter

Associate Professor of American Indian Studies

Tarissa is focused on sharing knowledge with other races and nationalities to build relationships to increase understanding.

Career and Technical

Ken Patton

Instructor of Automotive Technology

Amy Madera

Instructor and Program Director of Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management

Amy Madera comes to CWC from West Palm Beach, Florida and has a culinary experience from various parts of the world.

Kaitlin Wood

Instructor of Cosmetology

Dr. Lael Noonan

Director/Instructor of Cosmetology

Dr. Lael Noonan is the cosmetology director and instructor at Central Wyoming College.

Darryl Steeds

Associate Professor of Welding

Darryl Steeds is a certified welding inspector and has years of experience in the welding industry.

Health and Nursing

Stacey Stanek

Nursing Director and Professor of Nursing

Stacey comes to CWC with a wealth of knowledge in the nursing field.

Amy Hernandez

Professor of Nursing

With more than 22 years as a nurse, Amy loves bringing her experience to the classroom.

Anne Nez

Professor of Nursing

Anne brings more than 20 years of nursing experience to the classroom.

Terry Wilson

Instructor of Nursing

Terry brings more than 33 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings.

Jennifer McCartney

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Jenn specializes in medical-surgical and administration but also has experience in intensive care, neurology, and the emergency department.

Chris Kube

Nursing Instructor

With 21 years in the healthcare field as a nurse and paramedic, Chris is excited to share her various experiences with nursing students.

Elizabeth Oliver

Instructor of Nursing

Liz has a strong background in acute care in rural settings and has spent a lot of time mentoring new nurses.

Cathy Beck

Instructor of Nursing

Cathy is a member of the CWC faculty team as an instructor at the outreach center in Jackson, Wyoming.

Anna Baler

Nursing Instructor

Anna is a nursing instructor at the CWC outreach center in Jackson, Wyoming.

Media, Arts and Humanities

Sharon Dalton

Professor of Music

Sharon has more than 20 years experience working at CWC and helping students achieve their musical goals.

Jeremy Nielsen

Instructor of Film

For Jeremy Nielsen, the film program at Central Wyoming College is all about making movies and he puts cameras into the hands of his students the first day. CWC is the only college in Wyoming that has a film program.

Maygen Cassity

Assistant Professor of Communication

Maygen is passionate about teaching and truly feels fortunate to be in the role.

Joey West

Instructor of Theater

Nita Kehoe

Professor of Art

Nita has taught at CWC for more than 15 years and has showed artwork internationally.

David Gray

Professor of English

David Gray brings experience in marketing, journalism, theatre and military communications to the classroom.

Buck Tilton

Associate Professor of English

Buck brings three decades of experience teaching wilderness medicine and writing books and magazine articles to his job as an English Instructor.

John Gabrielsen

Associate Professor of Radio Broadcasting

Past sports director and general manager at radio stations and co-founder of, John has more than 25 years experience in the radio broadcast field.

Amanda Nicholoff

Professor of TV/Broadcasting

Amanda brings experience from her professional career producing at NBC to the classroom.

Wes Connally

Professor of English

Dr. Connally has taught English for more than 20 years...

Colleen Bartlett

Assistant Professor of Education

Colleen enjoys getting to know students and helping them find their path.

Ben Evans

Professor of English

Ben has taught English at CWC for many years.

Outdoor and Environment

Darran Wells

Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

Darran Wells grew up racing mountain-bikes with his father in Houston, TX.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Michael Bostick

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Passionate about math, Mike Bostick, enjoys teaching math and helping students comprehend and solve tough math concepts.

Kirsten Kapp

Professor of Biology and Math

Kirsten has a passion for wildlife and brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.

Jennifer Kellner

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Kellner has taught mathematics for more than ten years at CWC.

Kate Patterson

Instructor of Mathematics

Kate is a math instructor at CWC.

Tara Womack

Professor Biology

Tara lets her students be their own subject by drawing their own blood to determine blood type, counts and more!

Aaron Bender

Instructor Biological and Physical Sciences

Aaron received his BS biology and botany and his PhD in Molecular Biology. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Bill Finney

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Bill Finney engages his students by creating an interactive learning environment

Steve McAllister

Associate Professor of Biology

Steve has helped establish the undergraduate biomedical research program that gives students real research experience.

Matt Herr

Instructor of Computer Technology

Professor Matt Herr brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.