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Innovative & Interdisciplinary


Associate of Arts Degree

The film program is all about hands-on production skills combined with film theory. Make films and learn technical skills in cinematography, screenwriting, directing, producing and non-linear editing. With state of the art equipment, CWC provides an educational opportunity that is a cut above the rest. Explore the history of narrative, documentary and avant-garde film making while learning essential values of critique and visual aesthetics. 


Course Credits
Media Arts 3
Introduction to Film 3
Film Production I 4
Cinema History 3
Editing 3
Film Screenwriting I 3
Film Production II 3
Cinematography 3
Directing for Film 3

Students are required take 9 credits from the following program electives:

Course Credits
Color Theory 3
B&W Film Photography I 3
B&W Film Photography II 3
Digital Imaging 3
Digital Photography I 3
Digital Photography II 3
Non-Verbal Communication 3
Professional Experience 1
Legends and Lore 3
Film Screenwriting II 3
Intro to Mass Media 3
Audio Production 3
Video Field Production 3
Managing Career Development 3
Introduction to Philosophy 3
General Psychology 4
Acting I 3
Theatrical Backgrounds Drama I 3
Playwriting 3
Rehearsal and Performance 1
Acting II 3


Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Math 3
Lab Science 4
Oral Communications 3
Social Science 3
University Studies 1

  • Dylan earned 3 degrees: film, communication and radio broadcasting.

    I would like to find a job in communications and hopefully with my degrees I will be more marketable.”

    Dylan Cooper

  • Work with RED cinema cameras

    Work with state-of-the-art equipment and shoot film the first day of class!

Meet your professor

Jeremy Nielsen

Instructor of Film

For Jeremy Nielsen, the film program at Central Wyoming College is all about making movies and he puts cameras into the hands of his students the first day. CWC is the only college in Wyoming that has a film program.