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Associate of Arts Degree

Hone in on musical abilities through vocal, instrumental and composition instruction. Expand knowledge through various genres of music. The Robert A. Peck Arts Center offers a beautiful, Broadway House-sized theater along with ample soundproof rehearsal spaces. Work with faculty one-on-one and take advantage of performing in ensembles. Showcase skills during performances for the community throughout each semester.

Graduate fully prepared to successfully complete skills examinations for entrance into a four-year college or university music program. Majors and non-majors are welcome to take a variety of courses to develop and expand musical abilities.

Course Credits
Convocation (4 semesters) 0
Written Theory I 3
Written Theory II 3
Written Theory III 3
Written Theory IV 3
Aural Theory I 1
Aural Theory II 1
Aural Theory III 1
Aural Theory IV 1
Individualized Lessons (ARTS) 1-2
Music History Survey I 3
Music History Survey II 3
Individualized Lessons 1-2
Piano Proficiency 0

Students must choose 4 credits from the ensemble courses listed below:

Course Credits
College Band 1
Jazz Ensemble I 1
Collegiate Chorale 1
Touring Ensemble 2
Vocal Ensemble 1
Chamber Ensemble 1
Handbell Choir 1
Piano Ensemble 1


Students must choose 4 credits from the piano classes or lessons listed below:

Course Credits
Private Lessons  1-2 credits
Individual Lessons 1055 1-2 credits
Class Piano I  1 credit
Individual Lessons 2070 1-2 credits

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Lab Science 4
Mathematics 3
Oral Communications 3
Social and Behavioral Science 3
University Studies 1
  • Alumni Testimonial

    Sharon Dalton was incredibly important to my education and development. She helped me discover how creative I could be and unlock a lot of skills that I have in melody and aural music theory. I've applied so many things Sharon taught me during my everyday songwriting that I should probably list her as a songwriter on some of my catalogue. Sharon made playing and learning music fun.”

    Kenny Fleetwood: musician, recording artist, songrwriter - Nashville, TN

  • Alumni Testimonial

    The professors there during my tenure were exemplary. They were able to balance the art and craft present in all the creative arts and diffuse that into interesting, and incredibly useful lessons that I still use today. Sharon Dalton helped me perfect my skills and improve my voice in ways I never imagined. I was able to theoretically and practically use my talents and for that I am forever grateful. ”

    Cameron Fehring: composer, vocalist, actor - New York, New York

Meet our professors

Sharon Dalton

Professor of Music

Sharon has more than 20 years experience working at CWC and helping students achieve their musical goals.