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Mission: Succeeding Together Against All Odds

 CWC Upward Bound at a glance...

Upward Bound (UB) is a college preparatory program for high school students in Fremont and Hot Springs Counties. The program is funded 100% by the U.S. Department of Education and sponsored by Central Wyoming College.

The purpose of Upward Bound is to strengthen academic skills of eligible high school students and prepare them to enter college and graduate with degrees. The UB participants receive academic tutoring, precollege advising, information about college applications and financial aid and other educational supports during the school year and summer program.

Participation in the CWC Upward Bound program is FREE to students who are eligible for the program. Participants get to make friends with students from area schools.

This is a fun and rewarding program for students who have educational ambitions.



  • Upward Bound students are four times more likely to graduate from college than economically disadvantaged students not in the program.
  • Upward Bound students who are counseled or tutored are 2.6 times more likely to stay in school.



Upward Bound student services include:

  • one-to-one academic advising/counseling
  • assistance planning school courses
  • goal-setting
  • tutoring
  • career counseling
  • information about colleges, universities and trade/technical schools
  • mentoring
  • enrichment classes and activities
  • parent involvement
  • fun activities
  • college visits
  • career planning
  • assistance with post secondary enrollment process, including:
    • ACT tutoring
    • application forms
    • financial aid forms
    • housing applications

UB students may qualify for quarterly monetary stipends based upon their grade point average and attendance at weekly and monthly UB events.


The CWC Upward Bound Program consists of two components: the Academic year Component and the Summer Component.


Academic Year Component
UB students in grades 9-12 attend weekly academic advising and after school tutoring sessions at their high schools. On designated Sundays throughout the school year, UB students attend Weekend Academies to enhance academic programs. Additionally, UB seniors and parents receive additional assistance with the college admissions and financial aid process on an individual basis.

Summer Component
UB students attend an intensive six-week academic enrichment program that consists of college preparatory courses in math, science, literature, composition and foreign language. Participants stay on the CWC campus Monday - Friday during the program to experience college life. UB students also participate in elective classes, recreational activities and college/career field trips.

UB students that have graduated from high school participate in a "Bridge Program" to facilitate the transition from high school to college. Bridge students enroll at CWC to complete 3-6 hours of college credit and receive supportive services from the UB Program.


Student Eligibility

Students that meet the requirements and who want to be considered for participation must submit:

  • 9th and 10th graders who want to attend college.
  • Students that have demonstrated academic need for assistance (low grades or test scores or have not completed pre-algebra, algebra and geometry math courses).
  • Qualify as low income and/or are potential first generation college students (neither parent has earned a four-year degree).
  • Commit to participate in the UB program all year; during the school year and summer program.

Application Packet

Students that meet the requirements and who want to be considered for participation must submit:

  • Student Application
  • Transcripts/Report Cards
  • Income Verification

After the staff reviews the application packet, the potential participant and parent(s) will be contacted to schedule separate interviews.

Upward Bound is a TRiO program sponsored by Central Wyoming College. Upward Bound is a unit of the Central Wyoming College Student Support Services.

CWC Upward Bound Program receives 100% of the operating funds from the U.S. Department of Education.

CWC Upward Bound welcomes and encourages participation regardless of race, national origin, gender or disability (U.S. Department of Education GEPA Section 427).