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Pre-Legal Studies

Associate of Arts Degree

Think you want to be a lawyer? Looking for a career that is challenging, intellectually stimulating and fulfilling? This is a great place to start exploring your interest in law.
Be exposed to a broad overview of U.S. law while providing the groundwork and educational foundation for a degree in law. This degree is also a starting point for a career as a paralegal, legal assistant, victim’s advocate or in other legal related areas.

Course Credits
Intro to Federal Indian Law 3
Politics and Judicial Process 3
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Criminal Legal Procedures 3
Criminal Law 3
Law of Evidence 3
Research in Criminal Justice 3
Macroeconomics 3
Business Law I 3

Students must choose twelve (12) credits from the following list of approved electives; student should not take more than three (3) credits from any one elective program area (i.e. take only one AIST, ENGL, or POLS course).

Course Credits
American Indians in Contemporary Society or American Indian Literature 3
Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
Microeconomics 3
World Literature or Intro to Shakespeare 3
Environmental Law 3
History of Islam 3
Logic I: Critical Thinking 3
World Political Cultures or International Relations & World Politics 3
Sociological Principles 3

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Arts 3
Humanities 3
Lab Science 4
Mathematics 3
Oral Communications 3
University Studies 1