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New Media

Real experiences. Big future.

New Media

Associate of Applied Science Degree

New Media is one of the many contemporary and innovative programs that CWC offers. Join the program to master the fast-growing world of digital media. Study competitive abilities of internet creation and management through this exciting program. Gain applicable skills sought out by industries across the globe. Focus on building critical skills that center around interactive storytelling. Learn to utilize technology and new media to develop an online presence. 

Apply this two-year degree to a wide range of career choices. Enter the workforce with a dynamic skill set in video technology, writing, web design, and photography. 

Careers in:

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Public Information
  • Print Media
  • Television
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Website Content and Creation
  • Entertainment Management
  • Social Media
  • Editing

 New Media, AAS is a Wyoming Works program An orange circle with a buffalo at the center. Words say Wyoming Works, learn a skill that pays, central wyoming college

Course Credits
Digital Photography I 3
Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication 3
Film Production I 4
Introduction to Mass Media or Writing for New Media 3
Digital Imaging 3
Web Structure & Style 3
Audio Production 3
Directing for New Media 4
Interviewing 3
Documentary 3
Video Field Production 3
Journalism for New Media 3
Radio Practicum I 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Math/APPM/Lab Science 3
University Studies 1

Meet your professor

Amanda Nicholoff

Professor of TV/Broadcasting

Amanda brings experience from her professional career producing at NBC to the classroom.