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Rustler Spotlight: Meagan Lym

May 2, 2020

Meagan Lym started her journey at CWC with the idea of becoming a nurse. She chose CWC for its amazing nursing program but after taking a few classes in psychology she switched her major.

CWC Mourns the Loss of Retired Director Kathy Vincent

April 17, 2020

The employees, students, and campus community at Central Wyoming College were saddened to learn of the passing of their wonderful friend and colleague, Mrs. Kathy Vincent, April 13, 2020. Kathy was a cherished member of the college community for 29 years, serving most recently as the Director of Adult Education and High School Equivalency for 20 years.

Rustler Spotlight: Florenzo Bauer

April 17, 2020

Florenzo Bauer was learning journalism in high school and enjoyed telling stories which led him to the desire to tell stories in a modern way; through film. Bauer is now in his second year at CWC studying film.

Rustler Spotlight: Jessica Peden

April 3, 2020

Jessica Peden is a sophomore studying elementary education.

New Entrepreneurship Offering from Central Wyoming College and the University of Wyoming College of Business

April 2, 2020

Central Wyoming College and the University of Wyoming’s College of Business will extend their partnership to support Wyoming’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with the official launch of a new statewide education program called Entrepreneur Essentials. After hosting a successful pilot program, Entrepreneur Essentials, this past fall throughout the state, the program is now ready to provide educational tools to help statewide entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for launching and growing successful businesses.

Rustler Spotlight: Justen Miller

April 2, 2020

Justen Miller has always enjoyed art and decided to earn a degree with the vision of being an art teacher.

CWC list of postponed and canceled events

March 25, 2020

Central Wyoming College has decided to postpone or cancel events up to May 10 in accordance with the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and the Wyoming governor. All college facilities which include CWC main campus, the equine center, CWC Lander, CWC Alpine Science Institute, CWC Jackson and CWC Dubois are closed for public events.

CWC archaeology students research glaciers through photographs

March 25, 2020

Central Wyoming College archaeology students are conducting a five-year glacier re-photography project as part of the annual Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition in the Wind River Mountains. ICCE is the capstone project for students at the Alpine Science Institute. The re-photography project complements the work of the ICCE-Glacier research team on the Dinwoody Glacier, and provides remarkable documentation of glacial recession during the last hundred years.

Bachelor’s Degree Approved at CWC

March 23, 2020

Central Wyoming College received approval from the Higher Learning Commission on March 20 for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management and Leadership degree.

CWC graduation ceremonies not taking place as scheduled, students still set to graduate

March 19, 2020

Central Wyoming College administrators decided March 19 not to have the 2020 graduation ceremonies which include CWC and CWC Jackson’s nurses pinning ceremonies, the 2020 graduation commencement at both CWC and CWC Jackson, and the high school equivalency graduation. The decision was made in recommendation with the Center for Disease Control.